WholyFit Pro Certification Membership

WholyFit Professional Membership

(Not a WholyFit Professional or Beginning Certification Training? Oops… Don’t worry! There is a membership just for you! Click HERE to Join the New Public Memberships on YouTube.)


This WholyFit Professional Membership is for all WholyFit Interns and Certified professionals only, either interns beginning the WholyFit Certification Program or certified trainers who are members to receive continuing education. Thank you for being part of our WholyFit family. Your membership means a lot to us! 

Maintain your WholyFit Instructor Certification through professional membership for only $5 a month. As part of your professional membership,  you will get access to receiving free continuing education and access to advanced certification levels! Learn new routines, new WholyFit-specific exercises, advanced postures, how to do personal training with WholyFit, how to teach a special population class, WholyFit Sit chair classes and more!

Best of all, you become part of the fellowship!

WholyFit Professional Membership provides WholyFit Trainers with:

  1. Exclusive content – videos and trainings on Facebook, YouTube and Zoom
  2. Exclusive access  – to Founder, Laura Monica through social media
  3. Group Support – Access to WholyFit Instructor global community and
  4. Community – Special discounts and access to in person trainings, retreats, workshops and outings with your team
  5. Leadership Opportunities – Become a Mentor Instructor and certify new WholyFit Trainers part time or full time.

After initial certification, continue on mastering WholyFit skills! Get recognized by your team and the fitness industry with your work to improve your WholyFit-specific skills as well as your professionalism in the field of fitness science, anatomy, biomechanics and exercise! We will keep you stretched and challenged continually with advanced certifications! Just like any other qualified training program, it is crucial to keep improving your knowledge and skills and reach mastery.  



  • To get access to any class or course, remember to log in first. 
  • Be sure to check your Spam or Junk folder if you don’t see the welcome email(s).
  • If you forget or lose your password, simply use the password reset option at the bottom of the log-in screen.
  • Please email support@wholyfit.org if you need help at any point in this process.

See you on the mat!