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WholyFit is all about building and maintaining Biblical community. We believe in providing personal, Biblical care to our fellow instructors as well as our class participants, to mutually strengthen and build up one another to share God’s love with a lost and hurting world.

Online Fitness Classes

Laura Monica, WholyFit Founder teaches online classes on YouTube and on our Facebook page and on our private pages. Ask to get invited! Get personalized training, encouragement and group support for your whole fitness goals through practicing videos online with us! .

YouTube.com/WholyFit Overcomer Community

Open YouTube.com and sign in to your account. If you don’t have one make one. No need to have videos on your account. It is just so you can access YouTube.com/wholyfit.

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To find WholyFit’s YouTube Channel, click HERE . You can also search for it as in the video below.

Subscribe to YouTube.com/wholyfit

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On the WholyFit YouTube channel, click HERE or click the icon at the bottom right of any WholyFit video as shown below.


Get Notified of New Videos and Live Classes

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On the WholyFit YouTube channel, click the notification bell to get email notifications of new videos.

How to Like, Share, Comment on WholyFit YouTube Videos

YouTube is all about building community, it’s so different from TV, where you cannot interact with the actors. We chose YouTube because subscribers enjoy having real relationships with the video creators. Dialog with us!

  • We hope you will “like” our videos by clicking the “thumbs up” icon available below the videos.
  • Share WholyFit videos and make someone’s day!
  • Share your thoughts in the “comment” section under each video.

What is the difference between YouTube Premieres and Live videos?

These events are scheduled beforehand so you can see what’s coming up. Turn on reminders for these so you can participate live.

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Did you know that from the WholyFit YouTube Channel See all Social Network Platforms and email?

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Click the “About” button on our channel page. Check out how you can find WholyFit on your favorite social platforms!



After you are Gold-Certified, email us at support@wholyfit.org if you are interested in volunteering or teaching on  our online platforms.

We have a wonderful way for you to minister to the public through our WholyFit YouTube video production team! Join today! Please remember that according to copyright laws, all WholyFit videos must be done with the knowledge of the WholyFit Video team lead by Director Laura Monica.

(July 9, 2021)