These instructions will be repeated in your first module.

  1. Fill out the Liability Release Form Here.
  2. Now you’re ready to practice the “WholyFit Multi-level Armor Workout.” Get your practice video:  Here for DVD ir  Here for download.
  3. Join your Study group Here. (You are pre-approved)
  4. Connect with your WholyFit community Here.
  5. Browse the Workout Routines by Scripture on YT, click Here.
  6. You will be assigned a Mentor Trainer to walk you through the course. Click Here.
  7. Attend meeting with your mentor, Laura and Kym. Sign up for you meeting Here.
  8. See the free course Here and do that any time!
  9. Fill out your Unity Agreement Here. Schedule a meeting with Kym or Laura if you have questions.
  10. Write your testimony and email it to wholyfitLLC@gmail.com. You can share it in our first group meeting if you choose to.
  11. Do your Pastoral Reference. Click Here.