You are His ART

A.R.T. is a public series for sale on Vimeo on Demand. This course offers the teacher’s version videos of how to teach A.R.T.

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The mindset behind WholyFit ART is that each of us is God’s creative expression. In Ephesians 2:10 we are called, “His workmanship;” “His masterpiece.” A.R.T. encourages us to take care of our bodies as God’s temples because we are God’s artwork. A.R.T. is all about fitting YOU and honoring the way God has created YOU, by providing a proper, gradual pace that’s just right for YOU.

This is Laura. Hi! I’m the Founder of WholyFit. Get in the best shape of your life – body, soul AND spirit! Thank you for subscribing! My dog LULU thanks you!



How To Use WholyFit On Demand

*A.R.T. stands for Aerobic Resistance Training

It’s cardio body sculpting. You with train your cardiovascular system and burn fat, not just calories!


Each video is either simple or intense in choreography, depending on it’s order in the collection. Get sculpted with A.R.T. (Aerobic Resistance Training) body sculpting, low impact cardio training. A..T. will gently raise your heart rate and breathing till you get into your target training heart rate zone. Do not use weights at first. When you are ready to add them, use 1-5 pound hand-held weights for more intensity and sculpting. Start out with lightest weights.

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