What is Adore?

WholyFit Adore is  worship dance using a WholyFit routine set to music.

Throughout the Bible are examples of worship offered to God in the form of dance. King David, Miriam and others regularly worshiped through dancing to the Lord. It is a wonderful experience! Often I feel like Jesus is joining me in the dance! Try it.

A Leadership Journal article communicated the following: “As ministers of Christ’s gospel, we must stand against the popular belief that everything and everyone must be useful. In his grace God has created some things not to be used but simply to behold. Sometimes we are the most godly when we are the most inefficient, even with our money. This graceful, wasteful nature of God was revealed shortly before Jesus’ death. While he reclined at a banquet, a woman poured an expensive flask of oil over his feet. His disciples were appalled. Like many today, they could see only through the lens of practicality. ‘This ointment could have been sold for more than three hundred denarii and given to the poor,’ they said rebuking the woman. ‘Why do you bother her?’ Jesus shot back. ‘She has done a beautiful thing to me.’ The disciples saw the spilled oil as lost opportunity. To them the oil was only a commodity to be exchanged for a measurable outcome. What they saw as waste, however, Jesus saw as priceless. He recognized the spilled oil as a beautiful gift. True worship seeks no return on investment. True worship is never a transaction. It is always a gift—an extravagant even if  ‘wasteful’ expression of love. …Sure, we appreciate beautiful architecture, music, and paintings if they serve the practical goal of drawing people to our services. But art solely as an offering to God? Why would that be a good investment?”  

“WholyFit Devotional Exercise and Adore Worship Dance is art for God’s sake. We move, we dance, we sing, we worship, we speak to one another in Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs making melody in our hearts to the Lord. Why do I do WholyFit? It’s exercise, but even that is not the real gut level drive and passion that keeps me doing it. I do WholyFit for the art of it, for the beauty of it, because God enjoys seeing me dance, He loves hearing me sing, He joins me in the movements and sings over me. I dance for Jesus and Him alone. I dance freely, unhindered, rejoicing in His grace. I don’t care what anyone says. I am wasteful. I am extravagant. I do WholyFit for art and I do art for the sake of Jesus, simply because He likes it.” -Laura

Are you inspired to try Adore?  Feel free to be who God made you to be, and to dance before Him joyfully, knowing that He approves! Kay’s Adore routine:

WholyFit Certified Instructor Karin Johnson performing WholyFit Adore routine to “Thy Will be Done” by Hillary Scott and the Scott Family. Choreography by Karin Johnson. Please click on “no thanks” on the video screen and the video should be playable.