Adore with Laura

Below Laura uses the Romans Routine set to Revelation Song as a worship dance.

Performance Versus Worship

As a worship leader myself with 30 years of worship leading in churches, I very well know with the struggle all worship leaders have between performance goals and worship goals. Performance and worship does NOT have to exclude each other! It all depends on the heart of the worshipper. I am an advocate of dance worship performance because not everyone feels called to dance, but most people are very moved by watching a heart felt worship dance! Worship dance performances communicate to christians that dance and exercise can be used for good when dedicated to God. Performance singing in church are likewise, often songs that are too difficult for worship choruses and require special skill. Performance songs are often called, “Special Songs” and the audience is not expected to follow along, but simply to listen and enjoy in order to participate. Worship songs, on the other hand, should be easy to sing so that everyone, even those who don’t have skill singing, can express their hearts to God through song. Everyone can sing. Everyone can dance too, but like singing, some have more gifting in it than others. In a group setting, your goal in Adore, is to make up a routine anyone in the general population can do. (See “Kitchen Ballet” also on this site for this.) If you are skilled in dance or exercise, use another option that is perfectly worshipful and effective in ministry: Make up a special Adore performance routine that may be complicated and is intended for one person, or a group of persons to do as a performance. Performance Adore is meant to worship and lead others in worship. The performer is worshipping and the viewers are worshipping simply by enjoying it. Also Worship dance performances can crack open the hardest heart, accessing the creative, emotional side of the brain without having to involve the logic centers of the brain that often block the experience of feeling human emotions. God made us to feel. There is nothing wrong with emotions, but we do not base our faith on feelings. But once I EXPERIENCED God, there is no one on the face of the earth who could talk me out of believing in Him. I believe based on faith, but I do not limit my relationship with God to logic only. I allow Him to indwell my heart, mind and soul. Sometimes the experience of God is like the sweetest thorn in the heart, it almost hurts it is so intimate! Yes Lord, fill me. Heal me. (public)


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