Introduction to WholyFit Fitness System

Renewed Mind, Powerful Body, Transformed Spirit.

WholyFit is
POWER Under Control

Powerful Exercise

Practice the basics of the WholyFit GBP system, and you will gradually gain strength, flexibility and balance that will make the daily movements of life a breeze and help you to overcome the challenges of life.

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle tone
  • Energy
  • Counteracts Depression
  • Strength & Flexibility
  • Cardiovascular Efficiency
  • Muscular Balance
  • Posture
  • Coordination
  • Neurological Processing
  • Equilibrium
  • Sleep Better
  • Layer 1 target: Stability training is good for everyone, no matter what their fitness level, from beginner to elite athlete. This layer especially trains you to teach beginners to exercise who have never exercised before or de-conditioned people who have not exercised in a long time.
  • Layer 2 target: This layer trains you to teach participants who have already built stability and have developed a little body awareness.
  • Layer 3 target: This layer trains you to teach participants who have developed stability, have a little strength and are ready to stretch very deeply and increase their flexibility in a dramatic way.

Layers 1-3 are appropriate for the general population in a group exercise or personal training environment under the supervision of a certified WholyFit Instructor. Bending, lunging and walking will become easier as you practice WholyFit basics.  “Sprain proof” your wrists, strengthen you arms core, while being strengthened on the inside too; mind, body and spirit. If your goal is to progress into advanced postures, practicing the basics of WholyFit will lead to easy and natural transitioning into the more advanced WholyFit layers. Everyone becomes proficient with a few of the more advanced layers. Itʼs just a matter of time. Many of these layers are much easier than they look. It’s all technique!

Do I have to be flexible?

No. To enjoy your practice you do not need to be flexible because WholyFit (GBP) balances flexibility and strength. WholyFit is not just stretching, it’s overall exercise for the “athlete in training for life.” You will increase your flexibility greatly by taking WholyFit classes! WholyFit offers cutting edge, highly professional exercise technique that will make you incredibly flexible and mobile – as well as stable. GBP trainers are certified to provide custom modifications for each exercise that will fit YOUR body. In addition, you can make friends and study the Bible while you exercise! Get into the best shape of your life – body, soul and spirit!

Gentleness is simply power under control

How can WholyFit be gentle and powerful at the same time? Gentleness has to do with grace – ease of movement. Grace is the use of the strength that you already have, and controlling your body with it in a coordinated way. This is called proprioception, or body awareness: knowing where your body is in space and how to move it most efficiently.  You have more strength than you think! You may not need more strength after all, but rather more mind-body awareness. This is what WholyFit certification teaches WholyFit instructor/trainers and what they teach their fitness program participants.

Building more strength without building grace does not make your body more functional. In fact, building isolated strength without muscle balance could actually make your body less functional. Functional strength is about grace, which is developed through gentle exercise that is smart. Don’t work harder, work smarter. WholyFit teaches you to access the strength you already have, neurologically, and build from there. The first gains in any strength training program in the first two weeks comes primarily from developing your neurology, not your muscles.

The key to working smarter is to use the strength of all your muscle groups in the most coordinated and balanced way. WholyFit GBP teaches the concept of total strength, which is how to use all your muscle groups together, not in  isolation. Your core is the key to total strength and efficient movement. Building your core is the only way that the strength you already have can be utilized, and the first step to building more. In fact, core strength is the key to strength in both the spiritual and physical realm. What’s at YOUR core?

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